Multi Cutter
MC300 Cable Cutter


Multi Cutter
MC300 Cable Cutter

360° hydraulic rotary drive

Easy positioning of the cutting blades with high precision.

Slim design

Rugged and compact, for easy handling even in hard-to-reach places.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance due to re-sharpenable cutting jaws.

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Multi Cutters
make the

Controlled cutting

Utility lines, pipes, cables, steel beams and more.

Safe use

Low noise, dust and vibration.

High productivity

High cutting performance due to the special cutting contour.

Small carriers

Limited access/load – no problem.

Powerful in confined spaces

Small and compact with 60 t cutting force.

High stability

High stability due to the use of specially manufactured materials.

MC300 Cable Cutter

310 kg
Jaw opening
350 mm
Recommended carrier weight
2.5 - 9 t
Cutting force, max.
590 kN (60 t)
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from 2.5 - 9 t

Ideal for

Sharp cut
with low

The individuality of the Multi Cutter from Darda is unique. The flexible exchange of the cutting inserts allows a high level of functionality in order to be able to offer specific solution for the most diverse customer applications. Especially when cutting cables up to a diameter of Ø200 mm, the MC300 cable cutter, contrary to many other products, convinces with its exact and sharp cut. Cable assemblies with fine strands are cut cleanly and can be fed directly to the further processing steps in the recycling cycle of the recycler. Despite the elaborately hardened steels, the cutting jaws of the MC300 cable cutter can be easily re-sharpened by the user if necessary.

Multi Cutters

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