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Natural Stone Quarrying

Natural Stone

Targeted and controlled quarrying of natural stone, which is highly productive and efficient: without explosion pressure, vibrations, noise and dust generation. With the Darda splitting principle, up to 800 tons of splitting force can be generated manually and 1,800 tons of splitting force can be generated with machine guidance in a targeted and controlled manner. The operation of the Darda splitting cylinders is quiet, safe and generates hardly any vibrations, dust or flying rocks. Splitting direction and splitting course can be set in advance. Thus, the precise splitting spares material that is not to be broken off. This makes the splitting equipment ideal for block excavation in quarries.

The above-average quality, high performance and very long service life of DARDA rock splitters is unsurpassed.

With our hand-held rock splitters and the machine-guided rock splitters, we have the right solution depending on the requirements of the rock type or rock class.

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Darda Rock
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Powerful and usable anywhere

World's strongest splitting cylinder in relation to size. Use even underwater.

Low vibration and dust almost noiseless

Use also in populated areas and during ongoing operation – underground, as well in the building.

Economic and safe

No time-consuming and costly safety measures. No stone rock – other work can continue in parallel.


The direction and course of the split can be accurately defined in advance. Lasting material is spared.

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