from 1.2 - 9 t

Multi Cutters

The Multi Cutters are our solution to the wide-ranging demand for a lightweight, economical steel cutting tool for small carriers for use in hard-to-reach places. In a slim and compact design, a high power-to-weight ratio is offered with up to 60t cutting force. In a variety of industries, including demolition, coring, construction, as well as in the nuclear industry, effective operation is ensured even when the machine is running or in busy environments – quietly, without shocks or vibrations! Versatile in the use for industrial demolition for cutting steel structures, large utility lines, as well as for recycling metal girders in scrap yards.

All Multi Cutters are equipped with a 360° hydraulic rotary drive for precise positioning in series.

Multi Cutters
Make the

High Power-to-weight ratio

Up to 60 t cutting force.

Controlled cutting

Low noise, dust and vibration-free.

High productivity

Simple regrinding of the cutting blades.

Small carriers

Limited access/load – no problem.