Best power-to-
weight ratio
on the market

Concrete Demolition and
Special Deconstruction

and Special

Modern demolition and selective deconstruction of existing buildings require high standards in terms of occupational safety and environmental protection. The permitted load-bearing capacity of buildings is also often a critical factor. Mini excavators and demolition robots have therefore rightly gained a firm foothold in the industry in recent years. They allow efficient work even in the tightest of indoor spaces.

Our attachments, specially designed for mini-excavators and demolition robots, come into play here: Size-optimized with maximum power and rotatable at angles of up to 360°.

Our hand-held demolition equipment, on the other hand, gives demolition companies the right tool right in their hands: lightweight and independent of carrier equipment, they ensure controlled demolition even in hard-to-reach areas.

The impact of noise, vibrations or dust is reduced to a minimum with our products, so that even demolition during operation in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, authorities or public buildings is possible.

low noise
and low

Darda Tools
Make the

Small carriers Sufficient

Limited access/carrying capacity – no problem.

High performance in smallest space

Crushing force due to Darda pressure booster independent of carrier.

Powerful, safe and usable everywhere

World's strongest splitting cylinder in relation to size. No flying parts. Use even underwater.

Low vibration and dust almost noiseless

Use even in inhabited areas and during ongoing operation, even in the building.

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